CSR activities

We would like to introduce CSR activities by I-NET CORP.

Social Contribution Activity to the Local Community

I-NET CORP. positively works on social contribution activities to the local community such as job creation, co-sponsorship to local held events, support to cultural activities or disaster recovery assistance.

Activity to Promote Employment of Persons with Disables

I-NET CORP. sincerely considers it as one of utmost essential assignments that we provide strong support for persons with disables, same as with persons who are not physically handicapped, to be employed with the occupation fit for their ability and aptitude so that we can materialize the society that they can spend independent life in community. As one of these activities, we founded I-NET DATA SERVICE CORP. , special exceptional subsidiary, and support persons with disables for "their independence, growth, autonomy" in daily life in the community.

What is a "Special Exceptional Subsidiary"?

Based on "The Act for Promotion of Employment of Persons with Disables,", special exceptional subsidiary is defined as that enterprises establish a subsidiary which especially considers yield volume circumstances or working condition when employing the person with disables, and receives the authorization of the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, regarded as satisfying constant condition.

Activity to the Environment

I-NET CORP. built the environmental management system in the Data Centers (the 1st Data Center, the 2nd Data Center), acquired the certification of ISO14001 and has tried to reduce the environmental load.

As the natural environmental problem in the community and the earth becomes severe and detrimental topics these days, preservation of the global environment becomes urgent and pressing challenges common to human being. The strongly-built and high level secured Data Centers of our company operate as information infrastructure of industry and the society without stopping for 24 hours a day, for 365 days a year.
We considered minimizing the influence to the preservation of environment as one of our social responsibilities through the operation of our Data Centers and established the environmental policy to carry out the activities for environment load reduction.

See more details about the environmental management.

Concerning human relations to our employees

I-NET CORP. promotes the innovation of individual work style to make working environment where our employees can exert all their abilities in peace.

Healthy Management

Since its founding, I-NET has made appreciation, continuity, and health part of our action guidelines. Our Group philosophy "inet Way," includes the management policy of becoming "an excellent company that enables sustainable growth." In order to achieve this sustainable growth, we consider the mental and physical health of our employees to be the most important issue. We will promote health management and aim for a company where all employees are healthy.

Declaration of Health Management

Based on the philosophy that employees are the greatest asset in management, I-NET recognizes employee health from a management perspective. We believe that the mental and physical health of employees is the source of sustainable corporate value improvement. Therefore, we will actively promote health management that supports employee health.

Mitsuru Sakai, Representative Director, Executive President

System for Health Promotion

Representative Director and Executive President will serve as Chief Health Officer in the promotion of health management. The Human Resources Department and Health Support Office will work together to examine and implement measures. In addition, in cooperation with Society-Managed Health Insurance, we will ascertain the health status of employees and utilize data such as medical expenses; in cooperation with the Health Committee, we will promote health management that incorporates the voices of employees.

Visualization of Health Promotion System


Chart of Health Promotion System


Enhancement of Health Management

  • We continue to have a 100% rate of regular health checkups. (From FY2014)
  • Subsequent measures such as health guidance/recommendation after a health checkup are primarily conducted by the Health Support Office.
  • The opinion of an occupational physician is issued to employees with high health risks. Supervisors, the Human Resources Department, and the Health Support Office work together to reduce health risks, aiming for an interview rate of 100% this year.
  • We are working with Society-Managed Health Insurance to improve the consultation rate for specific health guidance.
  • Along with employee health surveys, we implement learning opportunities that encourage employees to review their lifestyle.
  • As a consideration for new employees transitioning from being a student to a company employee, a change that is often mentally and physically trying, we continue to hold individual interviews with every new employee.
  • We also provide health consultations by specialized staff from external organizations, a service that is also available to family members.

Mental Health Care

  • The implementation rate of stress checks has continued to be over 90%. We also implement post-interview follow-ups for highly stressed persons and for those who are interested.
  • Through stress checks, we will be able to recognize the level of mental health of employees and strive to create a transparent and lively workplace.
  • We are increasing opportunities for self-care for all employees and workshops for managers regarding the care of their subordinates. We are also working to raise awareness of mental health issues, such as providing cash incentives to those who acquire the mental health management certification.
  • For those who take leave due to mental health issues, we implement a return-to-work support program to all eligible employees. In this program, the employee, the workplace, the Human Resources Department, and the Occupational Health Staff work together to support a smooth return to work.

Work Life Balance

  • Every Wednesday, salary payment day, and bonus payment day are set as days to leave the office on time.
  • We will introduce an application system for long work hours as a way to reduce long work hours.
  • We are promoting the planned acquisition of paid leave.
  • We are working to create a comfortable work environment where a diverse workforce can succeed and also balance work and private life.
  • We are working toward the effective use of work and private time through telework and improving operational efficiency through systematic work implementation.

Creating a Better Work Environment

  • We identify issues based on the Health Committee and employee satisfaction surveys, considering and implementing initiatives to create a rewarding workplace.
  • The Health Committee provides health information according to the season and makes it available to all employees along with the minutes.
  • A wide range of contacts are established in the consultation systems set up at the Health Support Office, Human Resources Department, and external organizations.
  • Official regulations are clearly stated to maintain a workplace environment free from harassment and harassment learning and prevention posters are posted throughout the company to raise awareness.

Promoting Health

  • We support sports events and club activities (futsal, baseball, and tennis club).
  • We implement e-learning and seminars for all employees to provide education on health promotion.
  • We continuously promote self-care to employees by providing information on “eye-strain,” which is highly relevant to our line of work.
  • We support those who want to quit smoking, from the perspective of promoting health and also creating a better workplace environment. In addition, we implement no-smoking hours. We are aiming for a smoking rate of 10% in five years, below smoking rate of 17.7% (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare National Nutrition Survey).
  • We are promoting the use of stairs to eliminate the lack of exercise and increase basal metabolism.
  • A standing meeting table has been set up to improve health and productivity.
  • We strive to create opportunities for employees to refresh themselves mentally and physically, by offering welfare services, access to recreational facilities, resort memberships, etc.

Cooperation from Employees

In order to clearly express the will of our health management efforts, we use the "Health Logo" when providing information to those within the company. These activities are being promoted with the cooperation of our employees. At I-NET, we hope to provide society with better services created through these activities.

~Energizing and enriching the workplace~


・The 2020 Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations (White 500)

I-NET CORP. was recognized under the joint program by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi as “the 2020 Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations (White 500)” on Mar. 2, 2020.

What is "The 2020 Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations (White 500)"?

Under the Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations recognition program, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry praises the outstanding large enterprises engaging in efforts to develop better health and productivity management every year, based on initiatives for local health-related challenges and initiatives for health promotions led by the Nippon Kenko Kaigi.

Main initiatives

  1. To prevent healthy individuals from acquiring epidemics including lifestyle diseases
  2. To prevent people at high risks of acquiring epidemics including life style diseases from becoming severe
  3. Outbreak prevention/early detection/support against stress-related diseases including mental illness
  4. To support a person to balance reinstatement/work in a workplace with treatment after a leave of absence
  5. To ensure appropriate working hours and work-life balance

・Yokohama Wellness Management Certification

I-Net CORP. achieved Yokohama wellness management certification by City of Yokohama as a certified workplace on Jan. 20, 2020.

What is the "Yokohama Wellness Management Certification System"?

Under the Yokohama Wellness Management Certification System, City of Yokohama recognizes workplaces engaging in efforts to develop better health and productivity management as certified workplaces of Yokohama Wellness Management Certification in order to widely spread the concept of "health and productivity management" that treats initiatives for employees’ health maintenances/promotions as investments enhancing the future corporate revenues, strategically engaging in health promotions for employees from the management perspective.

Requirements for certification

Class AAA:
PDCA initiatives regarding health management are smoothly cycling. This can be seen in cases, such as the mechanism of thoroughly reflecting about the initiatives that adapt to the health issues existing, the results being appropriately evaluated, and being reflected in future initiatives.

Efforts toward Women's Active Participation

I-NET CORP. considers the advancement of women's active participation as a management strategy for sustainable growth and we actively promote women's success. As initiatives for women to continue working long-term with peace of mind, we hold seminars designed for women and also create a comfortable working environment.

Planned employment

Many women join our company every year. The proportion of women among new employees is about 40% for 11 consecutive years. By seeing senior employees achieving long-term success and having access to a substantial support system for raising children, new female employees are able to join our company with peace of mind. We will continue to actively hire female employees.

Planned employment

・New Employees

As part of our new employee training for new female employees, we hold discussion meeting with young female senior employees and invite lecturers from external companies that assist working mothers to give talks on women and work. In addition, we incorporate workshops where women who are already successfully working in society are invited to share their experiences. This allows our new female employees to envision working long-term in society from an early stage.

・Beyond the Second Year

After the second year, we hold forums for women to discuss diverse ways of working and training sessions on career development to think about the future, regardless of gender. Also, as management training, we regularly hold training sessions to consider career plans that aim for leadership positions.

Preparing "Women Working Comfortably (booklet)"

We have prepared "Women Working Comfortably (booklet)," which includes easy-to-understand explanations on systems pertaining to women, provides support to employees who are returning to work after childcare leave, and presents work styles and ideas on career advancement. By making the booklet available for viewing at any time via the company intranet, we aim to raise employee awareness regardless of gender.

Diversity Promotion Office

In 2018, we established the "Diversity Promotion Office" to appropriately respond to the diversifying needs of employees and promptly carry out initiatives on active participation of women and work style reforms. We organized the Diversity Committee, where employees from various company positions meet to discuss issues. In addition, we set up a Diversity Mailbox to gather opinions and requests regarding diversity promotion. The valuable opinions gathered from within the company are discussed with related parties and realized as response measures. We proactively carry out diversity promotion activities, such as creating a declaration of action on diversity prepared by managers from each department and posting it on the company intranet.

Diversity Committee (Former Women's Committee)

In 2014, the "Women's Committee" was established in the company to promote the advancement of women. Female employees took the lead in discovering issues and requests of fellow female employees and planned seminars and discussion meetings. The following year, a communication sheet on returning to work after childcare leave was created and introduced as a tool for employees. The sheet is used by employees to consult and confirm with their supervisors on the process of acquiring childcare leave, starting from when the employee reports her pregnancy to 2 months after returning to work. In addition, to assist career development and achieve diverse work styles, we have held forums for women and organized social gatherings with female employees from other companies.
In 2019, we changed the name to "Diversity Committee" and reviewed the attributes of the committee members to appropriately respond to the diversifying needs of all employees, not only women. We will continue to promote the active participation of women and other diverse employees.

Eruboshi Certification

I-NET CORP. was authorized by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare that the company matched the criteria pursuant to Article 9 of the Act on promotion of the participation and advancement of females in labor force (Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace) on Oct. 3, 2018, and acquired the best certification logo "Eruboshi" (Stage 3).

What is the "Eruboshi certification system"?

Under this system, entrepreneurs that prepared and registered general entrepreneur action plan based on the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace can receive the certification as outstanding entrepreneurs in terms of implement conditions of initiatives on the promotion of the participation and advancement of females by applying to prefectural labor offices.
There are three stages according to the number of satisfied items.

Requirements for approval

  1. Meeting all the five criteria (1. recruitment, 2. continuous employment, 3. way to work including working hours, 4. percentage of managers, 5. various career courses), and announcing the performance on the database of the promotion of the participation and advancement of females on the website of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare every year.
  2. Having prepared appropriate general entrepreneur action plan according to Enterpreneurs Action Plan formulation Guidelines.
  3. Announcing the established general entrepreneur action plan, and make employees to be known to all appropriately.
  4. No material fact found to violate the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace, orders pertaining to the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace, or other relevant ordinances.
    * "Other relevant ordinances" include the Equal Employment Opportunity Act for Men and Women, the Child Care and Family Care Leave Act, and Part-Time Employment Act, etc.

I-NET CORP. will continue to strive to promote the work style reform as an entrepreneur engaging in promoting women's participation and advancement, and create a better working environment for women.

Appointed as Kanagawa Women's Active Participation Support Team

In 2015, I-NET CORP. was appointed as a support team of "Kanagawa Women's Active Participation Support Team" and has expressed a declaration of action.

Kanagawa Women's Active Participation Support Team

"I-NET CORP. Declaration of Action"

  1. In-house Initiatives
    (1)While actively incorporating initiatives and proposals of the "Women's Committee," currently in its fifth year since its establishment, as a company with a work environment that is comfortable and rewarding for everyone, we are also developing various work style reforms that allow employees to continue working while providing childcare and nursing care. (Number of employees who continue working after taking childcare leave: 24 employees in FY2014 → 39 employees in FY2018) (2)To continue to expand the hiring of women (exceeding 40% for 10 consecutive years since FY2009) and increase the number of women in management positions, we provide support for all employees to reform awareness and possess high career development ambitions. We will also continue to actively recruit candidates for management positions (leadership positions). (Proportion of women in leadership positions in FY2018: 20%, (70 employees), target of exceeding 25% in five years)
  2. Efforts for Social Movement Expansion
    (1)To help the advancement of women and provide support for balancing work, housework, and childcare, we will further develop the search engine website "Cheering on Working Moms," which provides childcare facility information, and make it a website full of local childcare support information that leads to solving many of the problems faced by working moms and dads. (2)In the Kanagawa Information services industry Association, we will establish measures for continuous mutual complementation by sharing issues regarding diversity promotion activities, including the advancement of women, acquiring problem solving know-how through personnel exchanges, providing IT technology that leads to work style reform, and proposing measures for human resource shortages and career development.

Transition of Data

  FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
1. Percentage of women among hired new graduates *1 45.2% 45.2% 40.9% 37.5% 45.3%
2. Percentage of female managers among management positions *1 4.5% 4.5% 4.0% 4.4% 4.9%
3. Percentage of female directors among directors *2 13.3% 12.5% 13.3% 18.2% 25.0%
4. Percentage of female employees among employees *1 21.4% 22.2% 23.0% 23.5% 24.4%
5. Acquisition rate of childcare leave by gender *3 Men 4.2% 6.3% 6.8% 7.1%
Women 100.0% 100.0% 100.0% 100%

*1: Figures are as of April 1 of each fiscal year.

*2: For 2016~2019, figures are as of the end of March.
For 2020, figures are as of the end of June.

*3: Total for each FY.

Support for balancing work and raising children

I-NET CORP. also allows employees to take maternity leave and childcare leave, and the current rate of female employees who return to work after acquiring such leave is 100%. In addition, various systems have been adopted so employees can balance work and raising children.

  1. Hospital visits during work hours for pregnant employees
  2. Introduction of a communication sheet to support return to work after childcare leave
  3. Maternity leave
  4. Spousal childbirth leave
  5. Childcare leave
  6. Reduced working hours for childcare
  7. Restrictions on overtime work
  8. Restrictions on late-night work
  9. Granting of nursing care leave (up to entering elementary school)
  10. Days designated for leaving work on time
  11. Commenced implementation of working from home/telework
  12. Annual paid leave by the hour
  13. Memorial holiday
  14. Re-employment (job return) system

Kurumin Certification

I-NET CORP. was authorized by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare (authority delegated to Director of Kanagawa Labor Bureau) pursuant to Law for Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation as "Child care support company" on May 31, 2012, and acquired Kurumin, next generation support certification logo.

What is the "Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children"?

This law is enforced to carry out unitary measures (measures to support the development of the next generation) among the national government, local municipal governments, enterprises and peoples together for the purpose of making the environment where children for next generation can be born and raised in good health.

When we achieved the requirements for approval after we prepared and submitted the action plan called "General employer action plans (companies, etc.)", we are authorized as "Child care support company".

Requirements for approval

  1. Having prepared appropriate action plan according to Action Plan Formulation Guidelines concerning the creation of an employment environment.
  2. Having achieved the targets which were carried out as per the prepared action plan.
  3. Announcing the action plan, and make employees to be known to all appropriately.
  4. More than one person among male employees acquired the parental leave during action planned period.
  5. More than 70% of a parental leave acquisition rate of the female employees during action planned period.
  6. Taking necessary measures for an employee bringing up a child of 3 year of age or more before the time of commencement of elementary school concerning "Child care leave system", "Limitation on overtime work system", and "System pertaining to measures to shorten working hours & measures to change the starting time and the ending time of the work hours".
  7. Carrying out one of following ① - ③.
    ① Measures for reduction of overtime work
    ② Measures for promotion of the acquisition of annual paid leave
    ③ Measures for creation of a variety of working conditions to contribute to other working style review
  8. No material fact found to violate the relevant laws, orders pertaining to the relevant law, or other relevant ordinances.

I-NET CORP. promises to pursue further good working environment, where the work and child care allowed to stand side by side so that making family life and life in a working place balanced, securing easy to work environment, and all employees hereby can exert their own ability sufficiently.

Kanagawa Child Care Supporters

I-NET CORP. acquired the certification by Kanagawa prefectural government pursuant to "Kanagawa Prefecture, Children/Childcare Support Promotion Ordinances" as a promotion company on July 3, 2008.

What is "the certification system pursuant to Kanagawa Prefecture, Children/Childcare Support Promotion Ordinances"?

The certification system pursuant to Kanagawa Prefecture, Children/Childcare Support Promotion Ordinances" is the system that Kanagawa prefectural government authenticates a company institutionalizing children/childcare support for employees as a "Kanagawa childcare supporter".

Requirements for certification

  1. Following requirements are clearly regulated as internal system, which systems or measures are obliged under the Child Care and Family Care Leave Law.
    ①Childcare leave
    ②Sick/injured child care leave for an employee bringing up before the time of commencement of elementary school
    ③Limit of overtime work, the late-night work for an employee bringing up a child before the time of commencement of elementary school
    ④Measures to shorten working hours for an employee bringing up a child younger than 3 years of age
  2. Being clarified a responsible person in the company concerning support for balance of work and child care.
  3. Announcing public inside and out the planned promotion to carry out for children/childcare support.
  4. Contents of the plan and business activities being appropriate in the light of relevant laws and ordinances.

I-NET CORP. approves of this purpose, and will push forward maintaining and improving the working environment where our employees can not only have balance of work and child care but are easy to work.

Childcare Support Information Site "Cheering on Working Moms"

Using the open data of Yokohama City, "Cheering on Working Moms" was launched as a childcare facility search engine website based on the opinions of I-NET CORP. employees who work while raising children.
In addition to the open data transmitted by Yokohama City, we independently collect, mashup, and present more detailed information required by parents when choosing a childcare facility. In doing so, we aim for the extensive dissemination of information in the internet community and improving the convenience of internet searches. The website is "easy to understand," "easy to search," and "has lots of information" for parents looking for childcare facilities.
In addition, I-NET CORP operates this website as part of our CSR promotion activities.

Cheering on Working Moms Website URL(