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Noriyoshi Ikeda

Founder Chairman
Noriyoshi Ikeda
Born on August 14, 1940
April 1971
Founded Fuji Consult Co, Ltd. (currently I-NET Corp.), President and Representative Director
July 1996
President of the Kanagawa Information Services Industry Health Insurance Society (2 terms, 6 years in total)
April 2003
Chairman of the Kanagawa Information Service Industry Association (5 terms, 10 years in total), currently serving as the Honorary Chairman
June 2006
Chairman and CEO of I-NET Corp.
March 2010
President and Representative Director of SAGAMIHARA Golf Club
November 2011
Received the Medal with Blue Ribbon from the Japanese Government
July 2015
Chairman of the Board at I-NET Corp.
November 2015
Vice-President of the Yokohama Chamber of Commerce & Industry (1 term, 3 years in total)
March 2020
President of the Inet Ikeda Foundation
June 2020
Founder Supreme Adviser
June 2023
Founder Chairman of I-NET Corp.(current position)