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PrivacyMark / JISQ15001


Date of Qualification Granted: October 31, 2019
Registration number: 11820061(11)

The Company's initiatives for the protection of personal information

In formulating its compliance program for the protection of personal information, the Company hereby declares the following to be its policies for the protection of personal information.

  1. We shall acquire, use and provide personal information and specific personal information (hereinafter collectively called "personal information") properly in the development of our business in accordance with Japanese Industrial Standards Q 15001:2006, "Personal Information Protection Management Systems—Requirements."
  2. We shall observe laws and regulations, and guidelines and other rules provided by the national government related to the handling of personal information.
  3. We shall take necessary and appropriate safe management measures in order to prevent or correct leakage, loss or damage of personal information.
  4. We shall respond properly to complaints or consultation from persons about the handling of their personal information or personal information protection management systems.
  5. We shall continue to improve this policy and personal information protection management systems.

December 28, 2001 enacted
December 20, 2019 Last revised

Mitsuru Sakai
Representative Director, Executive President

The Company's treatment of personal information

The Company shall not collect or utilize personal information of persons who access the Company’s website without prior consent and the individual’s agreement.

  1. The Company shall not collect or utilize personal information of persons who access the Company’s website without prior consent and the individual’s agreement.
  2. If such agreement is received, only information within the range agreed upon shall be used.
  3. Such personal information shall not be provided to or entrusted for processing by any third party without agreement with such provision.
  4. Furthermore, personal information that is collected shall be accumulated and stored safely under strict management.
  5. If personal information is entrusted to an outside company for processing, etc., it shall be implemented under the Company’s strict management.
  6. The Company has been granted a Privacy Mark, which is granted to businesses that handle personal information appropriately by the Japan Information Processing Development Corporation (JIPDEC).

Release of the purpose of personal information use

  1. Purpose of use
    The Company and group affiliates (collectively, the "I-NET Group") shall use personal information for the following purposes.
    • Business-related contacts
    • Contract fulfillment (provision of products, services, etc.)
    • Announcements of products and services of the I-NET Group
    • Announcements in the event that the I-NET Group participates in exhibitions, etc.
    • Responses to inquiries, requests, etc., from customers
    • Confirmation of partner company employees or temporary staff for the fulfillment of various contracts
    • Response to the execution of shareholder rights or the execution of the Company’s obligations based on commercial law and other related laws and ordinances
    • Employment and personnel management of employees
    • Confirmations relating to accounting, general affairs or other operations
    • Other purposes with the prior notification and agreement of the individual in question
  2. Purposes other than the above
    If the need arises to use personal information for purposes other than those defined in item 1 above, the Company shall obtain the person’s agreement to such use unless permitted by laws and ordinances.
  3. Divulgence and provision to third parties
    The I-NET Group use personal information only inside our company, shall not divulge or provide personal information collected by the I-NET Group to any third party whatsoever unless it corresponds to any one of the following.
    • If the agreement of the individual is obtained(exclude specific personal information)
    • If required for the protection of human life, limb and/or property and obtaining the agreement of the individual poses difficulties
    • If there are other demands for divulgence or provision pursuant to laws and ordinances
  4. Disclosure or revision of registered content and termination of use
    The I-NET Group shall disclose personal information upon request by the individual in question as long as it does not impede the appropriate implementation of business operations.In such event, the I-NET Group shall confirm the identity of the person in question based on methods prescribed by the Group.
    In the event that the information disclosed to the individual contains information that is not factual, the I-NET Group shall promptly revise the information.In addition, if the individual requests the termination of use of the personal information, the Group shall promptly terminate use.

Naokatsu Uchida
Director and Managing Executive Officer

Treatment of personal information inquiry desk:The head of Risk Management Office Katsuyuki Imai

The name and contact information for submitting complaints of the “accredited personal information protection organization” to which the Company belongs:

  1. Name of "accredited personal information protection organization":
  2. Contact information for the handling of complaints: Personal Information Protection Consultation Service Office
    Address: Roppongi First Building, 1-9-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0032, Japan
    TEL: 0120-700-779