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ESG Information

I-NET Group celebrated its 50th anniversary in FY2021. For us to continue achieving further growth from now on, common principles that serve as a standard in taking any and all actions must be shared among all officers and employees. Therefore, we took this opportunity to establish "inet Way," our group philosophy. Based on this "inet Way," I-NET Group will contribute to the creation of sustainable society through its business.

Under this philosophy, I-NET Group strives to simultaneously generate economic, societal, and environmental values. We will contribute to the society by boldly taking on new challenges, while maintaining management disciplines and by steadily achieving our set goals. I-NET Group will systematically proceed with its ESG initiatives which have been incorporated in the current mid-term management plan. We view the ESG initiatives as an integral part of our management strategy for achieving growth and have incorporated it in our management system.

Environmental Initiatives

Global environmental issues affect the next generation and following human beings. We strive to achieve energy savings and reduce environmental impact through our data center that supports social infrastructure. We have also established our environmental management system that forms the basis of these activities.


We are building a foundation for sustainable development through initiatives for developing human resources that are pillars of our business activities. The Company is making efforts to create a "pleasant and fulfilling working environment" by promoting the employees' health and diversity. The Group also supports the independence of people with disabilities through employment.

Corporate Governance

The Group, which handles various customer data, should have high ethical standards as a public entity of society and establish a robust and flexible corporate governance, which allows us to proactively take on new challenges in the rapidly changing industrial environment, while promoting thorough compliance in a broader sense, let alone compliance with laws and regulations. The Company is striving to build a corporate governance structure necessary to achieve these goals.

Contribution to SDGs

We believe that our ESG initiatives will significantly contribute to the sustainability of the society, while supporting our long-term growth. Through these initiatives, we aim to contribute to the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set in the "2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development ", which was adopted by the UN Sustainable Development Summit held in May 2015.


List of ESG Information

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