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Apr. 1971

Founded Fuji Consult Co, Ltd. , forerunner of I-NET Corp. for the purpose of streamlining office work at gas service stations

Oct. 1976

Received assignment as the designated center from Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd. and JX Group (former Kyodo Oil Co., Ltd.)


Sep. 1985

Assigned entire Mobil credit card processing business from Exxon Mobil Corporation


Apr. 1991

Merger with Japan Computer Development Co., Ltd., Change of trade name to I-NET Corp.

Started Enclosing and Sealing business

Apr. 1995

Registered in the over-the-counter market of the Japan Securities Dealers Association

May. 1995

Registered as "general type II carrier"

Mar. 1996

Acquired the authorization of MITI's "System Integrator"

Sep. 1997

Listed in the Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange Market

Oct. 1998

Operation started at the 1st Data Center - stage I building

Dec. 1999

Acquired the authorization of "PRIVACYMARK licensing "


Mar. 2001

Acquired "ISO9001:2000"certification (the 1st Data Center)

Apr. 2001

Merger with Soft Science Co., Ltd.
Business extended to space industry sector, control and prevention technology field

Jan. 2002

Acquired "ISO9001:2000"certification (Control System Division)

Completed the 1st Data Center - stage II building

Mar. 2002

Subsidized 3D Incorporated.

Apr. 2002

Merged two subsidiaries (Software Co., Ltd. and System Planning Co., Ltd.), and founded Software Co., Ltd. anew

May. 2002

Operation started at the 1st Data Center - stage II building

Jun. 2002

Received assignment as the designated center from Exxon Mobil Corporation

Jun. 2003

Acquired "ISMS"(Information Security Management System) (the 1st Data Center)

Jul. 2003

Received assignment as the designated accounting calculation center from Kyushu Oil Co., Ltd.
At this point, consequently receiving six assignments out of ten oil wholesalers (Nippon Oil Corporation、Exxon Mobil Corporation, Showa Shell Sekiyu K. K., KYGNUS SEKIYU Co., Mitsui Oil Co., Ltd. And Kyushu Oil Co., Ltd.)

May. 2004

Established a joint venture, "Shanghai Venus-Inet Computer Technology Co., Ltd. " with "Shanghai Venus-Inet Development Co., Ltd." for the purpose of off-shore development and ASP (application software package) business expansion in China

Nov. 2004

Concluded business partnership with "Equal Credit Co., Ltd." (SBI related consumer loan company) and started complete outsourcing

Mar. 2005

Acquired "ISO14001:1996"certification (Control System Division)

Apr. 2005

Started providing the ASP (Application software) of "Inet-Builder BPO Service", drawing data information sharing service for the web-enabled construction industry

Started complete outsourcing with Lone Star Funds related "AEL Corporation"

Opened Chu-Shikoku (middle shikoku) branch in Hiroshima city, Hiroshima Prefecture

Aug. 2005

Our shares are chosen as system margin issues

Oct. 2005

Our stocks are chosen as a loan transaction stock

Mar. 2006

Listed in the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange Market

Acquired certification of "ISMS certification criteria" (Control System Division)

Sep. 2006

Subsidized Japan IST Co., Ltd.

Oct. 2006

Merged two subsidiaries (Japan IST Co., Ltd. and Software Co., Ltd.), and founded IST-Software Co., Ltd.

Mar. 2007

Transferred total shares of Proton Co., Ltd.

Apr. 2007

Accepted print outsourcing business from Yokohama City

Sep. 2007

Proton Co., Ltd. placed to an affiliate

Oct. 2007

A subsidiary (IST software Co., Ltd.) invests in RippleMark Inc. (placed to an affiliate)

Nov. 2007

Acquired the transfer of part of business of Gadget plus Co., Ltd., and established Middleware Division

Apr. 2008

An affiliate(Proton Co., Ltd.), changed trade name to RUNEXY CORP.

May. 2008

Started the sales partnership with NetSuite Inc. as to SaaS type integrated business application suite "NetSuite"

Jun. 2008

Started construction of the 2nd Data Center - stage I building

Feb. 2009

NEC Nexsolutions, Ltd. transferred "Inet-Builder BPO Service" to an outsourcing system "NEXSOURCING" menu and started providing a drawing control system

Apr. 2009

Founded I-NET DATA SERVICE CORP. for the purpose of promoting employment of persons with disabilities

Jun. 2009

Started operation of the 2nd Data Center - stage I building


Apr. 2010

Acquired "ISO9001:2008"certification (the 2nd Data Center)

Jun. 2010

Acquired the certification (the 2nd Data Center) of "ISO/IEC 27001:2005"

Apr. 2011

Started collaboration with Citrix Systems, Inc. in desktop virtualization and cloud solution field Announced new desktop virtualization service "VIDAAS™"

Mar. 2012

Started a system development of card loan business in ORIX Bank Corporation

Sep. 2012

Started service of Data Center "inet north™" in Hokkaido area

Oct. 2012

Started construction of the 2nd Data Center - stage II building

Apr. 2013

Started service of new cloud service "Dream Cloud®" in the big data era

Feb. 2014

Started operation of the 2nd Data Center - stage II building

Apr. 2014

Received assignment as the designated accounting calculation center from Taiyo Oil Company, Limited
At this point, consequently receiving five assignments out of seven oil wholesalers (JX Nippon Oil ® Energy Corporation、Tonen General Sekiyu K.K., Showa Shell Sekiyu K. K., KYGNUS SEKIYU Co., Taiyo Oil Company, Limited)

Jan. 2015

Started operation of Data Center "inet east®" expanding in Chubu area

Jun. 2015

Started the development of the next generation cloud platform "Next Generation EASY Cloud®"

Nov. 2015

Assigned to a member of "woman act. Supporters for Kanagawa women empowerment"

Feb. 2016

Started providing the new lineups of the virtual desktop service "VIDAAS®"—"VIDAAS® by Horizon View" and "VIDAAS® by Horizon DaaS"

Sep. 2016

Entered the drone IoT platform business

Dec. 2016

Our subsidiary, IST Software Co., Ltd., started providing a web promotion service for sightseeing, mitte project service

Jun. 2017

Established a drone airfield "Dream Drone Flying Field" in Kimitsu City, Chiba

Jun. 2017

Launched and started the operation of the website "Working Mothers Supporter" to search for childcare facilities and started its operation

Jul. 2017

Started the operation of the Data Center "inet west®" expanding in Kansai area

Jun. 2018

Commenced AI cloud service development

Sep. 2018

Acquired ISO / IEC 27017: 2015 certification for operation and maintenance of Next Generation EASY Cloud®(Provision of cloud infratructre service based on Software-Defined Data Center architecture)

Oct. 2018

Made Software Control Co., LTD. a consolidated subsidiary

Mar. 2019

Founder Noriyoshi Ikeda established the NPO Ikeda Aid Foundation

Nov. 2019

Opening of the Singapore Representative Office


Jan. 2020

The foundation was authorized as a public interest foundation and its name was changed to the Inet Foundation

Apr. 2021

50th anniversary of founding

Oct. 2021

Established ENEOS Diginet Co., Ltd. as a joint company with ENEOS Corporation. 

Mar. 2022

Conclusion of capital and operation tie-up agreement with AVILEN, Inc. 

Apr. 2022

Transitioned to the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange 

Oct. 2022

Acquired ISO22301:2019 certification for the data centers’ mailing service businesses