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Health and Productivity Management

Health management

Health and Productivity Management Promotion

Concerning human relations to our employees

I-NET Corp. promotes the innovation of individual work style to make working environment where our employees can exert all their abilities in peace.

Healthy Management

Since its founding, I-NET has made appreciation, continuity, and health part of our action guidelines. Our Group philosophy "inet Way," includes the management policy of becoming "an excellent company that enables sustainable growth." In order to achieve this sustainable growth, we consider the mental and physical health of our employees to be the most important issue. We will promote health management and aim for a company where all employees are healthy.

Declaration of Health Management

Based on the philosophy that employees are the greatest asset in management, I-NET recognizes employee health from a management perspective. We believe that the mental and physical health of employees is the source of sustainable corporate value improvement. Therefore, we will actively promote health management that supports employee health.

Tomomichi Saeki, Representative Director, Executive President

System for Health Promotion

Representative Director and Executive President will serve as Chief Health Officer in the promotion of health management. The Human Resources Department and Health Support Office will work together to examine and implement measures. In addition, in cooperation with Society-Managed Health Insurance, we will ascertain the health status of employees and utilize data such as medical expenses; in cooperation with the Health Committee, we will promote health management that incorporates the voices of employees.

Visualization of Health Promotion System

Visualization of Health Promotion System

Chart of Health Promotion System

Chart of Health Promotion System

Strategy Map

We have identified the management issues that I-NET wants to solve and the health issues that will lead to solving those management issues, and have devised initiatives for maintaining and improving health to resolve those health and management issues. We are promoting health management at I-NET based on this strategy map.

Strategy Map

Metrics for Promoting Health Management

Employee Information

Category FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Number of employees 983 1,011 1,023
Average years of service by regular employees 15.0 14.8 15.0
Average age of regular employees 39.5 39.1 39.4

The number of employees and average years of service are increasing. We are building an environment where employees can work long term.

Category FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Average overtime hours exceeding statutory work hours 11.7 12.2 15.2
Average paid leave days taken 11.2 11.8 12.7

Behavioral Habits

Overtime hours and paid leave days taken are also increasing. We support achieving work–life balance with proper breaks.

Category FY2020 FY2021 FY2022 FY2023
Exercise habit rate (2+ times per week) 18.5% 21.6% 24.5% 25.4% Improvement
Smoking rate 22.5% 23.1% 22.5% 18.7% Improvement
Rate of eating breakfast daily 54.2% 57.3% 54.7% 56.0% Improvement
Rate of short sleep time 35.7% 33.0% 37.0% 39.0% Decline
Rate of drinking alcohol excessively (daily) 13.1% 12.2% 13.0% 10.5% Improvement


Presenteeism is measured through internal surveys (using The University of Tokyo Single-Item Presenteeism Question). The result for FY2022 was 84.65% (down 0.60% year on year).
Absenteeism is measured through internal surveys (using our own questions). The average number of days off work due to illness and other reasons in FY2022 was 2.52 days (up 0.22% year on year).
Work engagement is measured through our own internal questions (the employee average score for “agree” and “somewhat agree” to five items). The result for FY2022 was 57.00% (down 2.00% year on year).

The rate has remained at around 85%, indicating that employees are performing at a high level.

Leave days taken for poor health are 2–3 days, indicating that employees are working healthily.

Key Initiatives

Enhancement of Health Management

  • We continue to have a 100% rate of regular health checkups. (From FY2014)
  • The Health Support Office plays a central role in providing measures following health checkups, such as health guidance and recommendations for medical examinations. Its re-examination/detailed examination rate is 55.0% (up 9.3% year on year).
  • We encourage employees needing thorough examinations and treatment to receive them, and provide support so that they can work in good health. (Rate of employees with medical findings: 38.7%; 0.0% change over the previous year)
  • The opinion of an occupational physician is issued to employees with high health risks. Supervisors, the Human Resources Department, and the Health Support Office work together to reduce health risks, maintaining a 100% interview (health guidance) rate for these high-risk employees.
  • We are working with Society-Managed Health Insurance to improve the consultation rate for specific health guidance.(FY2022 : 16.9%)
  • Along with employee health surveys, we implement learning opportunities that encourage employees to review their lifestyle.
  • As a consideration for new employees transitioning from being a student to a company employee, a change that is often mentally and physically trying, we continue to hold individual interviews with every new employee.
  • We also provide health consultations by specialized staff from external organizations, a service that is also available to family members.
  • We recommend annual influenza vaccinations and provide in-house vaccination support. (Approximately 33% of all employees are vaccinated in-house.) We also provide partial cost subsidies for those who wish to receive flu shots.
  • We implement measures to improve employees’ health awareness. (These include morning exercise activities, which about 20% of employees working at the offices concerned participated in. Over 60% said that they were satisfied with the measures taken.)
  • We have implemented measures towards increasing awareness of women’s health (women’s health e-learning view rate: 89.0%)

Mental Health Care

  • The implementation rate of stress checks has continued to be over 90%. We also implement post-interview follow-ups for highly stressed persons and for those who are interested. (Rate of regular health checkups: 92.7%, down 1.6% over the previous year)
  • Through stress checks, we will be able to recognize the level of mental health of employees and strive to create a transparent and lively workplace. (Rate of employees with high stress: 14.6%, up 1.0% over the previous year)
  • We are increasing opportunities for self-care for all employees and workshops for managers regarding the care of their subordinates. We are also working to raise awareness of mental health issues, such as providing cash incentives to those who acquire the mental health management certification. (Rate of new employees passing the self-care test: 83.8%)
  • For those who take leave due to mental health issues, we implement a return-to-work support program to all eligible employees. In this program, the employee, the workplace, the Human Resources Department, and the Occupational Health Staff work together to support a smooth return to work.

Work Life Balance

  • Every Wednesday, salary payment day, and bonus payment day are set as days to leave the office on time.
  • We will introduce an application system for long work hours as a way to reduce long work hours. (Average for all employees is 15.2 hours (up 25.0% over the previous year))
  • We are promoting the planned acquisition of paid leave. (Average for all employees is 12.7 days (up 7.6% over the previous year), and the rate of employees taking annual paid vacation was 75.0% (up 7.6% over the previous year))
  • We are working to create a comfortable work environment where a diverse workforce can succeed and also balance work and private life. (Average years of continuous employment: 14.0 years)
  • We are working toward the effective use of work and private time through telework and improving operational efficiency through systematic work implementation.
  • The results of the stress check showed that satisfaction with work averaged 2.4 points*, and meaningful work averaged 2.3 points*. Employees engage in their work with a sense of motivation.
    *Scores are out of four points, and the lower the score, the higher the level.

Creating a Better Work Environment

  • We identify issues based on the Health Committee and employee satisfaction surveys, considering and implementing initiatives to create a rewarding workplace.(Work accidents: 5 cases)
  • The Health Committee provides health information according to the season and makes it available to all employees along with the minutes.
  • wide range of contacts are established in the consultation systems set up at the Health Support Office, Human Resources Department, and external organizations.
  • Official regulations are clearly stated to maintain a workplace environment free from harassment and harassment learning and prevention posters are posted throughout the company to raise awareness.
  • A voluntary questionnaire on health is given every year to ascertain the health status of all employees (response rate of 89.0%, up 4.7% over the previous year).

Promoting Health

  • We support sports events and club activities (futsal, baseball, and tennis club).
  • We implement e-learning and seminars for all employees to provide education on health promotion.(Absences due to illness/injury: 7 cases)
  • We continuously promote self-care to employees by providing information on “eye-strain,” which is highly relevant to our line of work.
  • We support those who want to quit smoking, from the perspective of promoting health and also creating a better workplace environment. In addition, we implement no-smoking hours. In fiscal 2023, every employee was given ¥100,000 as a subsidy for smoking cessation treatment.
  • We have set a target smoking rate of 12% in five years, below smoking rate of 17.7% (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare National Nutrition Survey). (Smoking rate: 18.7%, down 20.0% over the previous year)
  • We are limiting the hiring of smokers starting with our recruitment activities for fiscal 2024 graduates.
  • We are promoting the use of stairs to eliminate the lack of exercise and increase basal metabolism. (Habitual exercisers: 25.4%, up 1.0% over the previous year)
  • A standing meeting table has been set up to improve health and productivity.
  • We strive to create opportunities for employees to refresh themselves mentally and physically, by offering welfare services, access to recreational facilities, resort memberships, etc.
  • We hold morning exercise activities to improve individuals’ own awareness of their health conditions, while educating them on the importance of breakfast. (Percentage of employees who eat breakfast every day: 56.0%, down 1.0% over the previous year)
  • Using an app that can manage sleep time and number of steps, we are working to improve each individual employees’ health awareness. (Rate of employees sleeping for short periods: 39.0%, up 1.0% over the previous year)
  • We are cautioning all employees about the risks of excessive drinking, which is related to the coronavirus pandemic. (Rate of excessive drinking: 10.5%, down 0.8% over the previous year)
  • We also exchange views with other companies to improve the quality of our health management.

Cooperation from Employees

In order to clearly express the will of our health management efforts, we use the健康ロゴマーク "Health Logo" when providing information to those within the company. These activities are being promoted with the cooperation of our employees. At I-NET, we hope to provide society with better services created through these activities.

健康ロゴマーク ~Energizing and enriching the workplace~

Acquired Certifications


The Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations (White 500)

I-NET Corp. was recognized under the joint program by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi as “the Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations (White 500)” for sixth straight years.

Yokohama Wellness Management Certification

I-Net Corp. achieved Yokohama wellness management certification by City of Yokohama as a certified workplace on March 6, 2024.