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Shareholder Incentives

Shareholder Incentives

Information of Shareholder Preferential Treatment

We have a shareholder preferential treatment in order to thank for the daily support of the shareholders and enhance the attraction of our stock.

From the record date for September 30, 2023, the shareholder preferential treatment system will be changed (announced on March 17, 2023).

Intended shareholder

Shareholder who possess the number of our stock more than 100 as of the end of september.

Contents of Shareholder Preferential Treatment

The Company will deliver Quo card Pay or an I-NET original Quo card once a year (early December), depending on the number of shares held.

Social Contribution

We contribute 10% of the donated amount separately to Social contribution activity bodies.

Number of Stocks Held Contents of Shareholder Preferential Treatment
More than 100 stocks Less than 500 stocks Quo card Pay 500yen
More than 500 stocks Less than 1,000 stocks Quo card Pay 1,000yen
More than 1,000 stocks Less than 3,000 stocks Quo card 2,000yen
More than 3,000 stocks Less than 5,000 stocks Quo card 3,000yen
More than 5,000 Quo card 4,000yen

※Quo card Pay is a digital gift that can be used immediately, with no need for an app or registration.

・Quo card Pay is valid for a period of three years from the date of issue.

・Quo card Pay cannot be used with mobile phones other than smartphones, nor with tablets.


Stock Information

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  • Early May 2024Announcement of financial results for FY3/2024
  • Late May 2024Briefing of the financial results for FY2024 (For Institutional Investor and Analyst)
  • Late June 2024The 53th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

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