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Social Media Policy

In operating official social media accounts, I-NET Corp. establishes Social Media Policy (hereinafter, "this Policy") defining the following attitudes/activities/basic manners and shall comply with this Policy.
In any cases where our employees access social media other than official accounts, I-NET Corp. will strive to provide them instructions and ensure thorough understanding of this Policy.

The definition of social media

"Social media" in this Policy refers to online services used for information transmission as well as mutual information exchange, such as SNS (social networking services) including Facebook and Twitter, blogs and bulletin boards.

The definition of official account

"Official accounts" in this Policy refers to private accounts that I-NET Corp. opens under its name by the use of social media. Furthermore, even if employees of I-NET Corp. specifies that they belong to our company, personal accounts of the employees under their names shall be excluded.

1. "Awareness and responsibility" in information transmission via social media

  1. We shall have constant awareness that information transmission to the Internet is accessible by a large and unspecified number of users.
  2. We shall have awareness that information transmission by each individual has considerable influence.
  3. In information transmission, we shall have awareness of compliance with laws and regulations as well as in-house regulations and privacy policies that I-NET Corp. has set.
  4. We shall have constant awareness that information transmission facilitates development of solid relationship between employees and societies including users through communication, and enhances I-NET Corp.’s corporate brand.

2. Attitudes while participating in social media

  1. Try to listen attentively to others' statements.
  2. Take responsibility for information transmission and responses, and pay attention to avoid causing misunderstanding.
  3. Comply with confidentiality obligations not to disclose internal and external confidential information without permission.
  4. Understand information once disclosed cannot be deleted completely.
  5. Fulfill responsibilities in daily activities.

To users of our company's official social media

Information and requests to our customers and users

  1. Not all information transmission from I-NET Corp. via social media necessarily describes our company's official announcements and views. With regard to our official announcements, we transmit information on our company's website and news releases, etc.
  2. The information on social media is valid at the time of transmission, and may be subsequently changed or deleted.
  3. In operating official accounts, regarding writing data and comments that are applicable or liable to apply to the following items, we may delete the information and contents posted on websites by users, and take other necessary measures without any prior notification.
    1. Contents that are irrelevant to I-NET Corp. and official accounts
    2. Contents that violate laws and regulations or are subject to regulation
    3. Contents that are related to internal and external confidential information, such as trade secrets
    4. Contents that are considered private or violate rights, defamation/slanders, any other discriminately expressions and public order and moral violations
    5. Acts of transmitting or posting harmful computer programs and files, and the contents
    6. Any other contents that are deemed to be irrelevant by I-NET Corp. in light of operating purposes of official accounts
  4. Information transmission via official accounts shall be limited within business days and business hours of I-NET Corp. in principle. However, we may transmit information temporarily if necessary.