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Initiatives for Further Growths

Approach to further growth

Since our founding in 1971, I-NET has strived to create services that pursue the convenience of our customers. In order to continue providing new value through information technology to our customers and society in the future, we will achieve further growth in data-driven society that is going to accelerate further in the future, based on our technology and experience in information processing services and system development services, such as the data center business we have cultivated.

For Further Growths in Increasingly Data-driven Society

Cloud Creating new cloud-based services

As an early adopter of the cloud, we will further enhance our efforts. In particular, we will develop cloud-based services that fit with this era by utilizing our next-generation cloud foundation, and move forward with our efforts to create new services with our alliance companies.

Micro data centers
Micro data centers Developing next-generation cloud foundation

We have a system to process videos and flight data acquired by drones, having established a micro data center in a drone airfield. We will aim to establish micro data centers in construction sites, civil engineering sites, factories and plants, agricultural fields, transportation systems, etc. in the future.

Drones Establishing IoT platforms for drones

We engage in a drone business, including a drone airfield that enables corporate use and demonstration experiments and a VDI service utilizing virtual GPU. We are also working to establish a new inspection method for bridges that utilize drones to cooperate with Kimitsu City. We will continue enhancing our drone business in the future.

Data analytics
Data analytics Comprehensive data analytics that analyzes massive amounts of data

We engage in efforts to support various types of decision-making by our customers and provide value creation through data analysis that analyzes human movements using sensors that detect closed spaces, crowded places, and close-contact settings, streamlining of business by utilizing data science, and support for training data scientists.

Space Strengthening partnerships with private space-related companies

We are making contributions toward improving precision in-car navigation systems, monitoring the earth's environmental changes, and predicting disasters by participating in the design, inspection, and operation of various observation satellites for approximately over 40 years. We are also contributing to space science development by expanding projects, such as operations of asteroid probes and the International Space Station and transactions with space venture companies.

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DX Meeting the DX needs of our customers

In order to promote digital transformation (DX), we have carried out an organizational reform to establish Digital Transformation Department. We are also conducting support for our customers to achieve DX by providing our advanced knowhow in industries and services that meet the various needs of our customers.