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Trade name I-NET Corp.
Headquarters 23F, MitsubishiJuko Yokohama Bldg. , 3-3-1 Minatomirai, Nishi-Ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 220-8401, Japan
Phone#: +81-(0)45-682-0800 (main) MAP
Founded April 22, 1971
Capital ¥3,203,992,000
Listing The Prime Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (Securities code: 9600)
Founder Founder Supreme Adviser Noriyoshi Ikeda
Directors,Auditors,Executive Officers

(As of June 24, 2022)

Founder Supreme Adviser
Noriyoshi Ikeda
Representative Director, Executive President
Mitsuru Sakai
Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer
Tomomichi Saeki
Director and Managing Executive Officer
Naokatsu Uchida
Director and Executive Officer
Masakazu Kinoshita
Director and Executive Officer
Katsuyuki Imai
Director ※
Yukiko Takenouchi
Director ※
Hiromi Kitagawa
Director ※
Rikuo Otsuki
Audit and Supervisory Committee Member ※
Yusuke Ichikawa
Audit and Supervisory Committee Member ※
Tetsuro Tsuboya
Audit and Supervisory Committee Member ※
Noriko Suzuki
Senior Executive Officer
Shinichi Koyama
Senior Executive Officer
Shigeru Hiki
Executive Officer
Mikio Ito
Executive Officer
Katsumi Kawasaki
Executive Officer
Masayuki Shimura
Executive Officer
Hiroyoshi Sakamoto
Executive Officer
Keizo Hirae
Executive Officer
Hiroyuki Kondo
Executive Officer
Hidenao Negishi
※...Outside Director
Employees consolidated 1,752 , Non-consolidated 1,015(as of April 1, 2022)
Business Outline Information-processing service
System development service
System equipment sales
  • Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
    Workers Dispatching Undertaking
    [permit number: HA14-301383]
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
    Notifying telecommunications Carrier
    [nortification number: A-07-968]
  • Kanagawa Prefecture, Electrical Constructors
    [nortification acceptance number, Kanagawa Prefectual governor notice: No. 300001]
  • JIPDEC Privacy Marks
    [registration number:11820061(12)]
  • ISO 9001
    [registration number:JQA-QM6329] 1st Data Center/ 2nd Data Center
  • ISO 14001
    [registration number:JQA-EM6606] 1st Data Center/ 2nd Data Center
  • ISO/IEC 27001
    [registration number:JQA-IM0093] 1st Data Center/ 2nd Data Center
    [registration number:JQA-IM0327] IoT Solutions Division/ Space・Satellite Solutions Division/ Project Management Office
  • ISO/IEC 27017
    [registration number:JQA- IC0018] Operation and maintenance of Next Generation EASY Cloud®(Cloud infrastructure service using Software-Defined Data Center architecture)
    [registration number:ICMS-PCI0145] 2nd Data Center

【Special Exceptional Subsidiary】

・The 2022 Health and Productivity Management Outstanding Organizations (White 500)
・Yokohama Wellness Management Certification
・Eruboshi Certification
・Kurumin Certification
・Kanagawa Child Care Supporters