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Message on Sustainability

We contribute to the development of a sustainable society with information technology

Since its founding in 1971, I-NET, headquartered in Kanagawa Prefecture (Yokohama City), has continued to grow with support from local customers and partner companies. Based on our gratitude for the support in the past, we have valued management that closely work with local communities, engaging in a variety of social contribution activities, including establishing a foundation to support organizations, such as non-profit organizations and volunteer organizations, and establishing a special subsidiary for promoting the employment of disabled people. In light of the international framework of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030, adopted by the United Nations in 2015, the movement toward building sustainable society is accelerating in the world. Since our founder established the company to solve issues around streamlining of administrative work at gas stations, with the corporate philosophy "to create new systems and values using information technology and contribute to the realization of a prosperous, happy society," I-NET has continued to solve issues faced by its customers with information technology, contributing to the development of society through its business. In its ESG management, I-NET also works proactively to create a business environment in which each and every employee feels comfortable to work, through its efforts for actions to minimize the impact of business activities on the environment, enhancement of governance that can respond quickly to changes in the management environment, efforts to support promotion of employees' health, and enhancement of promoting diversity that can respond appropriately to the diversifying needs of employees.
In order to continue being a company that continues to grow further, we will create economic value, social value, and environmental value through our diverse human resources, information technology, and services, and work on developing a prosperous society along with various stakeholders.

Value Creation Process



The Earth's environmental issues affect the next and future generations of humans. I-NET owns data centers that provide support for social infrastructure. We strive to conserve energy and reduce the environmental burden, among other efforts. We have also established an environmental management system that forms the basis for these activities.

I-NET Group Environmental Declaration

Environmental initiatives

Disclosure Based on the TCFD Recommendations

“Climate change” is one of the most important social issues faced by global society. I-NET Corp. will promote initiatives aimed at strengthening our analysis and response to business risks and opportunities arising from climate change, in order to contribute to related information disclosure and the achievement of a decarbonized society.

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Human resources are at the core of I-NET's entire business. We are developing our sustainable foundation mainly with our initiatives on human resources. By promoting health and productivity management and diversity, we strive to create a workplace where employees feel empowered and comfortable working. We also provide support the self-reliance of disabled people , including our initiatives employ disabled people.


As I-NET Group's business often handles clients' data, etc., we must have high ethical standards as a public organ of society and maintain sturdy and flexible governance that enables us to make bold attempts in anticipation of the industry environment, which is changing at an accelerated pace, while thoroughly enforcing not only legal compliance but also compliance in a broad sense. I-NET strives to establish a governance structure that fulfills the abovementioned purpose.

Evaluation from society

I-NET has acquired ISO certifications, including the ISO 9001 quality management system, and certifications on health and productivity management and empowerment of women, including White 500 and Eruboshi.

Evaluation from society

ESG/SDGs Comparison Chart

Please refer to the following comparison chart for our initiatives on ESG (environment, society, and governance) and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

What are SDGs?(Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

ESG Item

I-NET's Initiative Environment Initiatives with External Parties for the Improvement of the Environment Work-Life Balance Diversity Health and Productivity Management Human Rights Human Resource Development Benefits and Welfare Contribution to Local Society Corporate Governance Matters on Director Compensation Compliance IR Policy Business Risks Compliance Personal Information Protection Policy IOS 90001 IOS 14001 2020 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization (White 500) Eruboshi Certification Kurumin Certification

Certification and others

SDGs-related certification

I-NET has obtained certification related to SDGs.