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Management Policy

Mid to long-term objectives/Mid-term management plan

Please refer to the following link for details of the Mid-term management plan.
Mid-term management plan (April, 2022 – March, 2025)

We announced supplementary materials for our medium-term management plan on July 31, 2023.
Please refer to the following link.
Medium-Term Management Plan (Supplementary Material)

Situation analysis (social environment changes)

Business strategies

Regardless of how society changes, the Group will expand business with and grow the number of services and partners on our platforms in a way adapted to these changes.

Growth strategies

(1)Aggressive investment in the Group's resources (human resources, equipment, etc.) will be made to further expand existing businesses.
(2)At the same time, in order to grow the number of new services and partners on our platform, we will also promote strategic investments, alliances, support for start-ups, and collaboration.

Service deployment model

One-stop services provided, covering everything from system development and data centers to cloud services, commissioned settlement and BPO


Areas for particular reinforcement

Initiatives of Reinforce human capital

Management Policy

IR Calendar

  • Early May 2024Announcement of financial results for FY3/2024
  • Late May 2024Briefing of the financial results for FY2024 (For Institutional Investor and Analyst)
  • Late June 2024The 53th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

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