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I-NET's Initiatives to Promote Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

In order to continue to be a company that keeps growing, I-NET Group has established its philosophy "inet Way" as values shared among all of the directors and employees as a standard for all corporate activities. Based on the "inet Way", the I-NET Group will contribute to developing a sustainable society through its business by creating economic, societal, and environmental values.

  • Environment

    We will introduce social activities we have focused on in cooperation with the community, such as efforts to conserve the environment and reduce environmental impacts, as well as to develop human resources.

  • Society

    See our efforts on human resources such as health and productivity management and diversity, as well as social contribution activities.

List of ESG Information

IR Calendar

  • June 24, 202150th Ordinary general meeting of shareholders
  • In the late of July 2021Announcement of the financial results of 1Q
  • In the late of October 2021Announcement of the financial results of 2Q

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