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About I-NET

I-NET provides support for people's lives and corporate activities through IT services.


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April 1. 2024 (consolidated)

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Since its establishment in 1971, the Company has consistently provided a wide range of services to its customers as an independent information service company, expanding its scope of business as a partner for its customers. We currently form a group with several subsidiaries, aspiring for further growth in a radically changing management environment.

I-NET's strengths

  • A wide range of clients as many as4,300companies
  • One-stop service
    that coordinates a variety of services
  • Leading data center provider in Japan
  • 1,200engineers

A wide range of clients as many as4,300companies

We pride ourselves on our stability, thanks to a wide range of clients

The number of clients reaching as many as 4,300 companies in a wide variety of industries and business categories covers business sentiments in each industry as well as stagnation in IT investments, enabling stable management. As a result, we can make planned reinvestments in the rapidly changing IT industry, making strategic arrangements for the future.

One-stop service
that coordinates a variety of services

We build partnerships with our customers,
by providing one-stop service

IT-related services and BPO services are essential in the modern times in which improvements in productivity directly leads to a company's competitiveness. Our one-stop service that comprehensively supports this field strengthens our ties with our customers, creating business opportunities.

Leading data center provider in Japan

By owning data centers in-house,
we can provide a variety of services

The market for data centers and cloud services, which are at the core of our business model, is expected to continue expanding as the amount of data in future data society increases exponentially. Owning these data centers in-house supports the foundation for our business results and enables services that cannot be provided by other companies.


We have abundant human resources across the Group with diverse technical capabilities

We have 1,200 engineers in the field of system development who can provide expertise in diverse industries and business categories, including finance, distribution service, oil/LPG, manufacturing, and space. We also actively work on the latest DX technologies including AI, big data, and drones.

Business model

We deploy stock businesses with cloud centers at the core, coordinating various services according to each customer's business

business model

With cloud data centers at the core, we aim to differentiate ourselves from competitors by providing services with a high level of security from all IT-related processes from upstream to downstream. With this model, we can build strong partnerships with our customers, creating an entry barrier against our competitors. At the same time, the model produces continuous service data center transactions, opening up a route to stock business. In addition, deploying services to diverse industries and business categories allows us to achieve stable growth. Our uniqueness derives from being able to consistently provide services in the real world, while building and operating systems and providing a variety of cloud services, not limited to system development and not limited to data centers.

Business description

We provide services to our customers in three service categories.

Main duties of information processing services

Data center service
Data center service Leading data center provider in Japan

Owns four in-house data centers in Yokohama and retains partner data centers nationwide. We create diverse services based on these data centers.

Cloud service
Cloud service Supporting the DX needs of our customers

Using our in-house data centers, we deploy a wide variety of cloud services. We have worked on the cloud ahead of our competitors, and this business is where we currently focus on the most. In order to further enhance our position as a platform provider, we also strive to expand the sales of platforms and expand applications.

Contract calculation / settlement processing for SS
Contract calculation / settlement processing for SS Leading domestic market share

As our company's founding business, we provide settlement services for SS. This business currently boasts market share of roughly 30%, holding a leading position in Japan.

Printing / mailing
Printing / mailing Full support for printing, enclosing, sealing, sending

We print and seal documents closely connected to people's lives, including credit card bills, tax notices, and election information.

BPO / call centers
BPO / call centers Support for reducing costs

We provide BPO services including call center duties, data entry, and accepting credit cards.

Main fields of system development services



We develop systems and provide continuous support after introduction in such diverse fields as manufacturing, sales, distribution, and finance, contributing to the business development of our customers.

Financial institutions

Financial institutions

We develop various systems including ATM, deposits and withdrawals at the counters, and balance management.



We develop systems for credit card settlement and account processing, so that quick and accurate counting is conducted when people purchase gas and oil.

Convenience stores / supermarkets

Convenience stores / supermarkets

By taking charge of store systems, we contribute to the improvement of convenience in people's lives at familiar locations, such as by preventing popular items from going out of stock on the shelves, supporting the use of electronic money and credit cards, and point management.

Space development

Space development

We participate in the design, inspection, and operation of various observation satellites, contributing to the improvement in accuracy of car navigation systems, monitoring of changes in the global environment, and forecasting disasters. We also contribute to the development of space science by being engaged in the operation of asteroid space probes and the International Space Station.



We add convenient and easy-to-use functions to everyday electronic devices including smartphones, such as by speeding them up, lowering electricity consumption, and improving functions of car navigation systems, so that people can use.

Construction / architecture

Construction / architecture

From large buildings to individual houses, we digitally store design and build drawings, so that drawings can be quickly searched for and shared during construction, as well as at the time of maintenance and remodeling after the handoff. As such, we contribute to upgrading after service.

Transportation infrastructure

Transportation infrastructure

We build railroad-related systems for train car manufacturing and control, as well as booking systems for airlines.



Through design and development of at-home healthcare devices used at home and medical devices including diagnosis equipment and treatment devices, we support the cutting-edge healthcare.