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Human Resource Development and Benefits and Welfare


Personnel Policy

I-NET has established a personnel system comprised of the Basic Philosophy and Four Joys, so that our employees can feel satisfaction and joy in their work.

  • Basic Philosophy: To increase employees' motivation toward work
  • Four Joys: Joy in making customers happy, joy in nurturing subordinates, joy in self-growth, joy in receiving results

Human Rights

Basic human rights

We have established guidelines on respecting human rights, which prescribes for respecting legal compliance and human rights, not conducting discriminatory treatment, and not taking actions that disregard personalities through various harassments such as sexual harassment and abuse of power.

Fair hiring

I-NET has a basic policy to conduct fair hiring activities, engaging in a hiring process focused on ability and character.
In addition to providing application opportunities regardless of nationality, gender, age, or graduated school, our hiring process does not question matters unrelated to the applicant's ability and suitability, such as their legal domicile or religion, when accepting entry sheets and conducting interviews. We train our staff who interviews the applicants so they can engage in a fair hiring process.


We have established external contact points for consultation to engage in management that values compliance. (Contact points for consultation regarding various harassments, whistleblowing system)

Human Resource Development

Initiatives for new hires

I-NET conducts training for a sufficient period for newly hired employees after they join the company, intending to create a sense of unity among new hires and develop their capabilities. After new hires are assigned to their positions, we implement a Master System under which they are paired with existing employees for three to six months.
We also provide extended support for younger employees by holding annual group training until the second, third, or fourth year.

Career development

Technology training

Employees can take various training sessions, including training on business skills required in their assigned departments and technology training, so that each and every employee can grow.

Tier-based training

Employees can learn communication and management skills, utilizing internal training and external professional training organizations.

Language training

Employees can learn English with the company paying for a part of the fees for external English schools.

Encouragement and support for qualifications

We provide support for employees to obtain qualifications by providing incentives to those who have obtained eligible qualifications, including various qualifications and exams totaling over 100 kinds.

Benefits and Welfare

With the aim of "realizing prosperous and comfortable lives" for employees and their families, we focus on establishing labor conditions and enriching benefits and welfare.

Benefits and welfare, such as events and recreational facilities

  • We own a resort (Fujigane) and membership rights to other hotels to be used by the employees and their families.
  • Company events: We hold events for employees of each location to get together, including companywide parties and futsal events.
  • Introduced a single dormitory system: Beginning in FY 2020, we have established a system to provide housing for newly hired single employees. With this system, employees from remote regions can feel more at ease working for the company.
  • Club activities: We have a futsal club and a baseball club recognized as official club activities. With a variety of employees from first years to veterans participating in the clubs, we are actively participating in tournaments and achieving good results.
  • A variety of leave systems: In addition to common types of leave, such as paid leave, summer vacation, year-end and new year, and marriages and deaths, we offer support for flexible workstyles by providing systems, including volunteer leave and a system to take annual leave by the hour.

Life planning support

I-NET strives to provide support for its employees' life planning and money planning.

  • Defined contribution pension plan: Through regular provision of information on asset management and investing, we provide support so that our employees can actively work on planning their lives after retirement.
  • Defined benefit corporate pension plan
  • A variety of social insurance
  • Comprehensive welfare group term insurance
  • Shareholding association: We provide support for asset management by our employees through provision of incentives when our employees purchase our shares.


Initiatives for work-life balance

We are implementing workstyle reforms with the aim of reducing overtime work. Our efforts have been proven effective in reducing overtime work.
In recent year, in addition to taking five days of paid leave, summer vacations, and year-end and new year vacations, we have adopted a system to take annual leave by the hour and a volunteer leave system, providing companywide support for employees to achieve more flexible workstyles.

Initiatives for energizing employees

We issue internal newsletters twice annually, directly conveying messages from management and introducing initiatives by other departments and newly hired employees to all employees.