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Management Policy

A Message from top management

A Message from top management

Thank you for visiting our investor information page.

We celebrated the 50th anniversary of inet's founding in April 2021. In order to stay as a company that continues to grow, we felt that common values shared by all officers and employees that form the basis of any type of action, were needed. So we took this opportunity to establish our group’s philosophy, "inet Way".

In order to expand the scale of our operations while also creating an unwavering foundation of operational growth, the newly established management policy is, "Becoming an excellent company that makes sustainable growth possible." This policy expresses our belief that both our company and our employees must continue to grow by constantly changing in light of the times and trends.

Based on this management policy, we are always thinking of dual-oriented management that places great importance on the balance between "defense," in strengthening the relationship with our customers, which is the foundation of business promotion, and "offense," in developing new market areas and services. In doing so, we will firmly implement effective strategies and tactics in response to changing circumstances.

In addition, as specific strategy plans to continue further growth, we formulated the "business strategy plan," "investor strategy plan," and the "ESG initiative plan" in our mid-term management plan. While effectively execute these three plans, we will strive to achieve the "business performance plan" by pressing forward with a business model that plays to our strengths.

I would like to humbly ask for your continued understanding and support in the future.

Noriyoshi Ikeda, Founder Supreme Adviser
Mitsuru Sakai, Representative Director, Executive President

Noriyoshi Ikeda, Founder Supreme Adviser<br>
                           Mitsuru Sakai, Representative Director, Executive President

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Management Policy

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