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Management Policy

A Message from top management

A Message from top management

We sincerely thank you for visiting IR Information page of our website.

Ever since I-NET was established in 1971, we have endeavored to create services that provide customers with the ultimate convenience. We offer customers one-stop optimal solutions for their various needs with "Operations and BPO by I-NET." These services start with cutting-edge cloud computing and cover everything from system planning and development to operation, monitoring, commissioned settlement services, printing and mailing, and BPO. These services are made possible because of I-NET's own data centers, which ensure the highest level of safety in Japan, and operation management for systems built up over many years.

We develop our businesses to meet expectations and trust as a business partner that continues to support customers' prosperity with ICT through this wide range of services. We will continue to resolve social issues through our own business activities with the aim of serving as a company that can contribute to social development.

We ask for your ongoing understanding and support.

Noriyoshi Ikeda, Founder Chairman
Tomomichi Saeki, Representative Director,Executive President

Noriyoshi Ikeda, Founder Chairman<br>
                           Tomomichi Saeki, Representative Director,Executive President

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Management Policy

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  • Early May 2024Announcement of financial results for FY3/2024
  • Late May 2024Briefing of the financial results for FY2024 (For Institutional Investor and Analyst)
  • Late June 2024The 53th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

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