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inet Way

In April 2021,we will be celebrating our 50th anniversary. In order to stay as a company that continues to grow, we felt that common values shared by all officers and employees that forms the basis of any type of action, was needed. So we took this opportunity to establish our group's philosophy, "inet Way" in last year.
"inet Way" is formed by four tiers, "Corporate Philosophy," "Corporate Vision," "Management Policy," and "Mid-term Management Plan." At its foundation are the "Charter of Corporate Conduct," which should be followed by all corporate employees, and the "Code of Conduct," which acts as the driving force in achieving "inet Way."

Corporate Philosophy

To create new systems and values using information technology and contribute to the realization of a prosperous, happy society.

Corporate Vision

With "Create" "Challenge" "Trust" as our foundation, we aspire for the sustainable improvement of our corporate values and will grow as a company that contributes to society and our stakeholders.

Code of Conduct

Becoming an excellent company that makes sustainable growth possible

Code of Conduct

I-NET Charter of Corporate Code

We contribute to the development of sound information-oriented society as a member of the key industry to provide social information infrastructure.

1. Compliance of laws and ordinances

We observe relevant laws and ordinances, and respect for social ethics, and accomplish our business performance based on open and honorable spirit.

2. Acquisition of customer's trust

We provide the products and services which are socially useful and satisfy customers’ needs, and acquire satisfaction and trust from the customers.

3. Trustworthy relationship with business partners

We build the trustworthy relationship with the business partners under open and honorable business transactions, and try hard to develop mutually.

4. Communication with the society

We perform positive and fair disclosure of our accurate management information depending on place and time not only toward the shareholders but toward the society by widening the span of communication.

5. Maintaining and improving the working environment of the employees

We maintain and improve our working environment which enables to respect for the diversity, personality and identity of the employees, and also enables them to exert their own ability and vitality. Consequently, we seek for their feelings of comfort and affluence.

6. Appropriate management of personal information

We consider the protection of personal information carefully and sufficiently, and manage our confidential information appropriately.

7. Relations with political or public administrative organs

We keep sound and normal relations with political or public administrative organs.

8. Coping to antisocial forces or the groups

We never have relations with antisocial forces or the groups which menace social order and safety.

9. Contribution to society

As "good corporate citizens," we positively participate in social action programs.

10. Attitude of top management

The top management recognizes that the mission is to realize the spirit of this Charter of Corporate Code. Further, it takes the lead in setting good examples and spreads compliance of this code in the office. In case things happen against this Charter of Corporate Code, the top management itself tackles with solving the problem, investigates the cause, and takes preventive measures so as not to happen again.