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Regional Contribution


Social Contribution Activity to the Local Community

I-NET Corp. positively works on social contribution activities to the local community such as job creation, co-sponsorship to local held events, support to cultural activities or disaster recovery assistance.

Activity to Promote Employment of Persons with Disables

I-NET Corp. sincerely considers it as one of utmost essential assignments that we provide strong support for persons with disables, same as with persons who are not physically handicapped, to be employed with the occupation fit for their ability and aptitude so that we can materialize the society that they can spend independent life in community. As one of these activities, we founded I-NET DATA SERVICE CORP. , special exceptional subsidiary, and support persons with disables for "their independence, growth, autonomy" in daily life in the community.

What is a "Special Exceptional Subsidiary"?

Based on "The Act for Promotion of Employment of Persons with Disables,", special exceptional subsidiary is defined as that enterprises establish a subsidiary which especially considers yield volume circumstances or working condition when employing the person with disables, and receives the authorization of the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, regarded as satisfying constant condition.

Corporate philosophy

I-NET DATA SERVICE CORP. provides support so that individual employees with disabilities can become self-reliant on their own and take actions based on their ideas.

Self-reliance: Aim to become independent as a working adult on their own
Growth: Encourage growth through efforts to achieve their goals
Autonomy: Aim to take actions based on their ideas.

Main services

  1. Data entry
  2. Scanning
  3. Kitting
  4. Printing business cards

We take charge of IT-related services that are relatively standardized.
We will strive to expand our work field as an IT-related special subsidiary in the future to offer more work opportunities for disabled people.

The Inet Foundation

This foundation was established by the founder of I-NET in March 2019 as a general incorporated foundation, for the purpose of providing support and grants for sustainable activities of organizations that engage in social contribution activities (activities for the purpose of public benefit) within Kanagawa Prefecture.
The foundation acquired an authorization of public interest from Kanagawa Prefecture on January 10, 2020, beginning its official activities as The Inet Foundation, a public interest incorporated foundation.
The Inet Foundation Website

Foundation establishment background

Social contribution activities undertaken by local citizens are crucial for various social issues that are newly arising in recent years. Their activities are expected to fulfill social roles through more sound and sustainable deployment.
However, many organizations are reliant on the goodwill of individuals in general and have funding concerns for maintaining their activities. In light of these circumstances, we have established the foundation for the purpose of providing support and grants for organizations undertaking these activities.

Purpose of the foundation

Amid ongoing changes to the Japanese economic and social structures and financial foundations, the purpose of the foundation is to provide support and grants for or recognize and honor organizations undertaking those activities, in order to develop and sustain those activities more soundly and widely and promote public benefits in Kanagawa Prefecture, taking into account the importance of social contribution activities conducted by the citizens and activities that contribute to the promotion of benefit for the general public.

Foundation project details

The foundation conducts projects to provide support and grants for or recognize and honor the sustainability and activities of organizations undertaking the following activities in Kanagawa Prefecture.

  • 1. Healthy nurturing of children and youth
  • 2. Sound development of body and mind through education, sports, etc.
  • 3. Improvement of the public health
  • 4. Conservation and development of the environment
  • 5. Activities related to the sound development of local society

Foundation business activities

The foundation will conduct its annual activities using dividends from 250,000 shares of I-NET gifted by Ikeda (Founder of I-NET Corp. ) personally and I-NET Corp. as its funds.
I-NET has carried out a wide range of activities that contribute to society as a company thus far, but with the 50th anniversary of our founding approaching, we will contribute even more broadly to society through our foundation.

Foundation business activities

Childcare Support Information Site "Working Moms Supporter"

Using the open data of Yokohama City, "Working Moms Supporter" was launched as a childcare facility search engine website based on the opinions of I-NET Corp. employees who work while raising children.
In addition to the open data transmitted by Yokohama City, we independently collect, mashup, and present more detailed information required by parents when choosing a childcare facility. In doing so, we aim for the extensive dissemination of information in the internet community and improving the convenience of internet searches. The website is "easy to understand," "easy to search," and "has lots of information" for parents looking for childcare facilities.
In addition, I-NET Corp operates this website as part of our CSR promotion activities.

Working Moms Supporter Website

Other Initiatives

Introduction of volunteer leave

In order to support volunteer activities among our employees, we introduced paid special leave (2 days per year) called "volunteer leave" in April 2020.

Office Visit Event for Local Children

As part of our social contribution, we conducted a company tour of our headquarters, inviting families with children in elementary schools in the Kamiyabe area. The participants learned about our company through an introduction to our company overview and services, and a tour of our offices. The tour was highly praised by the participants, with comments such as "They all seem to be enjoying work."

"The challenge-YOKOHAMA" Workplace Experience for Children with Disabilities

I-NET has participated in "The challenge-YOKOHAMA" project sponsored by Yokohama City Economic Affairs Bureau. The purpose of this project is to provide more opportunities for the future success of children with disabilities by having them experience "work" in the real world, so that they deepen their understanding of work and become more socially independent. I-NET joined the project with the hope of contributing to the future of local children. As the first company to participate in the project, we had 8 students from schools for special needs education experience "printing and mail preparation" as well as "sorting" in the Mailing Services Division. The students participating in the training enjoyed their experience, cheering excitedly when the piece of mail they had made instantly turned into a finished envelope in a mail inserter (a machine that automatically stuffs a piece of mail into an envelope and seals it) and marveling at how distribution mistakes are prevented through double checking with human eyes and barcodes when experiencing sorting work.
Yokohama City Website