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The information for investors published on this website is provided for better understanding of I-NET Corp. and affiliated companies (hereinafter, the Company). It is not meant to solicit or recommend purchase of shares.

Of the information published on this website, information other than historical facts about the past is an outlook reflecting the Company's judgement based on information that is currently available, and contains a variety of risks and uncertain factors. Accordingly, the actual business results, etc. announced in the future may fluctuate, and the Company does not bear any responsibilities for any damages caused by using the information on this website. In addition, the Company does not bear obligations to amend and announce the future outlook published on this website based on new information or future events.

Please note that the website may not contain all of the information disclosed by the Company to stock exchanges, etc., or include expressions that differ from the disclosed information. In addition, the Company may change or delete its contents without prior notice.

The Company takes great care when publishing information on this website. However, please note that the Company does not bear any responsibilities for any reasons, in the event of a mistake in the published information, falsification of data by a third party, or malfunctions, etc. caused by data download, etc.

If information is directly disclosed to two or more media institutions (ensuring announcement measures in the event of TDnet failures and measures not through TDnet) rather than by timely disclosure of information through TSE (TDnet), the Company will publish the said information on this website after at least 12 hours have passed.

Publishing of information on this website is not intended to solicit investments. When making actual investments, please refrain from making investment decisions solely based on the information on this website, and make investment decisions based on your own judgement.

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The Company does not provide any guarantees regarding information on other websites that may be visited by following a link or a banner from this website.

Applicable law and court of jurisdiction

Both the Company and those who access this website shall agree to be bound by laws and regulations of Japan with regard to the use of this website. For all disputes regarding the use of this website, the exclusive court of jurisdiction for the first trial shall be the Tokyo District Court.

IR Calendar

  • Late July 2024Announcement of the financial results of 1Q
  • Late October 2024Announcement of the financial results of 2Q
  • Early November 2024Briefing of the financial results for Q2 FY3/2025 (For Institutional Investor and Analyst)

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