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How to Use IR Site

On accessibility

The Company strives to ensure accessibility so that everyone can comfortably use our IR website (hereinafter, the IR Site). We hope that you will utilize the following functions, which have been installed to improve the viewing environment.

On breadcrumb navigation

Your current page position is shown based on tiers counted from the home. By clicking each link (tier), you may directly return to each tier.


We distribute the latest information and updates via RSS. Those using RSS readers and RSS-supported browsers can check the update status of the IR Site quickly.

On recommended browsers

We recommend you to use the latest versions of OS and browsers for each device.

On plugins

The IR Site uses the following plugins. Please download the plugins if you do not have them installed. Please also note that the plugins may change without prior notice.

PIn order to view and print PDF files, Adobe Reader (free) must be obtained from the banner link and installed.

IR Calendar

  • June 25, 2024, at 10:00 a.m.The 53rd Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
  • Late July 2024Announcement of the financial results of 1Q
  • Late October 2024Announcement of the financial results of 2Q

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