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Management Policy

Mid to long-term objectives/Mid-term management plan

Please refer to the following link for details of the Mid-term management plan.
Mid-term management plan (April, 2022 – March, 2025)

We announced supplementary materials for our medium-term management plan on July 31, 2023.
Please refer to the following link.
Medium-Term Management Plan (Supplementary Material)

Profit plan (overall numerical targets)

The numerical targets for FY3/2025 in the current medium-term management plan are expected to be achieved by expanding existing businesses.
We intend to achieve higher growth potential by growing the number of new services and partners on our platform.
In order to incorporate various services and partners in line with the changing times, we will utilize alliances and M&A to supplement our in-house resource shortfalls in advanced technologies and insights. We will also work to provide support to startup companies that need a cloud environment.

Business strategy by service

The business strategy is divided into Information Processing Services and System Development Services. The strategy lays out plans for building market share, expanding sales channels, creating new business models, and others. We will work to achieve the Medium-term Management Plan’s numerical targets through these plans.

Investment strategy plan

The Company actively invests for the purpose of sustainable growth. In this Medium-term Management Plan, we are taking steps for the future, including investment in human resources, which are the core of all operations, the data centers that lie at the center of the service expansion model, and research and development, which leads to differentiation and stronger competitiveness.

Data center
Research & Development

Reinforce human capital : Related measures

The Company will take measures targeting human resource education, work-style reforms, diversity & inclusion, and health management.
We aspire to a management style that integrates human resource strategies and the use of telework with measures such as productivity improvements achieved through the promotion of internal DX.

Reinforce human capital : Related measures

Capital policy

When devising strategies such as the Medium-term Management Plan, the Company makes plans that are based on appropriate capital measures that take its capital costs into account. As part of this process, we set numerical targets for ROE as an important management indicator, and consider revisions to plans for the allocation of management resources, such as new business investment, capital investment, and investment into human resource development, as necessary, based on confirmation and analysis of annual progress on the management strategies and management plans we have established.

Management Policy

IR Calendar

  • Late July 2024Announcement of the financial results of 1Q
  • Late October 2024Announcement of the financial results of 2Q
  • Early November 2024Briefing of the financial results for Q2 FY3/2025 (For Institutional Investor and Analyst)

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